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About Hardcore Fitness

Hardcore Fitness, established in 2003, has manufactured and sold the strength training equipments across India. HARDCORE is an idea of Sachin Dandekar – an expert fitness trainer, which matches the equipment that we manufacture. In 10 years of service, Hardcore has truly maintained the brand name as "Hardcore – extremely strong"quality equipment.

3 decades back, the gymnasiums were run by owners, who had passion for fitness or body building. The equipments for strength training and Cardio Vascular activities were not précised in terms of our body mechanisms. TODAY, Fitness Industry is growing in leaps and bounds. Significant changes in lifestyle related to lack of physical activities and increased consumption of fast food, and to top it all the over building stress has led to greater need for a healthy lifestyle. And with the growing demand, there are more Fitness Centers mushrooming. With growing competition, there is more demand in the quality of equipments.

Hardcore has a team of experts who work hard on the mechanisms of the machines, so trainer gets the perfectly desired training satisfaction. Hardcore focuses on the mechanism of each equipments to its maximum potential, and every machine is tried and tested before dispatch.


Founder’s Profile

Sachin Dandekar

Sachin Dandekar,

son of a Doctor, got into Fitness by choice and became a fitness trainer. He has been counseling various Celebrities and Industrialist for fitness. He is the brain behind this brand, because his mechanical and Automobile background, combined with his passion for Bodybuilding and Weight Training gave him an edge in designing and innovating Bio Mechanically Calibrated equipment. His nature of delving into any job that he takes was the key towards becoming a perfectionist in both fields.

Sachin Dandekar

Reshma Bhoir,

known as First Indian Female Bodybuilder. 20 years back, when women and weight training was unacceptable by our society, she chose to take the unusual path. Professionally a trained Commercial Artist and a Painter, but she fell in love with this sport. She has also been a celebrity trainer, a lecturer in a renowned Fitness Academy, and has set up commercial gyms in Mumbai. She consults gym owners in setting up their fitness center.


With increasing fitness awareness, Fitness Clubs are mushrooming in every lanes of Metros / Semi Metros & Towns of India. So Much so that the Government is providing Gyms in gardens, so that People from all walks of life can take the benefit and develop interest in staying fit. But Due to lack of domain expertise in Fitness & Fitness Manufacturing industry , most of these Gyms buy current available equipment which are not Bio-Mechanically calibrated. This lead to serious injuries and adverse effect on the fitness enthusiast.


Hardcore Fitness, has manufactured and sold Bio-Mechanically Calibrated strength training equipment across India. In 10 years of service, Hardcore has truly maintained the brand name as Hardcore – extremely strong quality equipment. HARDCORE equipment are used by elite Film and sports personalities to known fitness houses & corporates